Get involved

Are you a Writer?

Are you a writer who is interested in working with us as part of our Writers for Readers program? Perhaps you’d like us to consider your book for One Book? Maybe you’d like to help us curate a selection of books by Canadian authors that are best suited to newcomers? Either way, we’re looking for writers across Canada to get involved with us.  Reach us at contact at

You just want to get involved with a very interesting organisation?

Not to toot our own horns (we’re too busy reading books to do that!), but we think we’re a pretty special organisation. If you’re into books, into settlement and helping newcomers or just want to contribute in your own way, reach out and say hello at contact at

Partnerships and Testimonials

Welcoming Words has great respect for the work that other organisations are doing in both literary and settlement spheres. We have created partnerships and value collaborative solutions whenever possible. Whether you’re a publishing company, literary organisation, settlement agency or anyone else, we’d be happy to consider working with you.